Set of four colorful linear stretched canvases with welcoming home message #50

Item code #50

Calligraphy : ماشاء الله لاقوة الا بلله

ادخلوها بسلام امنين

Calligraphy meaning:
Allah´s will (be done)! There is no power but with Allah!
“Enter ye here in peace and security.

Set of four stretched canvas panels of size 10*40 inches of each panel. Total sizes of all will be 40*40 inches with peice 400$ including shipping.

A simple design with water colors techinique with colorful colors can be customized to any colors that matches your interior. To request larger sizes or different colors contact us directly here

You can purchase this from our etsy shop

To purchase this in a stretched canvas panel size 40*40 inches canvas , go the PayPal button below of 400 $ with free shipping on all worldwide orders. This is also available in poster style or a rolled canvas style. Contact us for further questions.

Set of four Stretched canvas 10*40   400 $

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